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For many years a major Finnish retailer Kesko has been a fore runner in digital services for grocery store consumers. ZetaDisplay made first it’s digital signage installations to Kesko stores in 2011. Since 2016, ZetaDisplay has been a frame agreement vendor for Kesko.

In 2018 ZetaDisplay entered into a new framework agreement with Kesko regarding the delivery of Digital Signage and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). This agreement replaced earlier agreements made with K-Market, K-Supermarket and K-Citymarket chains and covers now the whole Kesko group.


Kesko operates around 1600 stores which consist grocery chains, gas station chain, hardware store chains, car sales and other type of stores.

Online shopping is emerging and need for omni channel operations which enables price synchronization in between the physical stores and online is rapidly increasing. Need for not only price updates but good-looking visual content which attracts consumers but is data drive and automatically generated is emerging.


ZetaDisplay has created a full concept which consists Zeta Digital Sigange platform, scalable integration platform (ZetaAPI Server) to connect customers POS-system, intelligent templates for data driven content generation and role-based screen modules for different roles and locations in store.

In several stores Zeta API Server -platform also servers Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) which are delivered by ZetaDisplay.
The solution represents modern way of providing intelligent digital signage systems with data driven and automatically generated content.


The more automatically digital signage screens can operate and target content for different consumers profiles depending on time, weekday, weather and other triggers the more beneficial it is for the customers. The old saying “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim it”, has got a modern, digital form.

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