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Randstad, a global leader in the HR services industry, has fully digitized the windows of its offices. Digital Signage has turned out to be the tool for Randstad to really use local employees as marketers of their own success. An omnichannel success story that generates international attention.


The most obvious change in recruitment, selection and job market is of course the role that the internet has come to play; you are looking for a new job online. Randstad therefore invests heavily in an always up-to-date online job offer, online career advice, personal e-learning environments and more.

But finding the perfect match between job and job applicant is still a matter of human work. The more than 140 branches of Randstad, where employers, intermediaries and applicants meet, are therefore just as important in Randstad’s mix of channels. But the branches were increasingly less suited to the modern approach in the other channels. Reason enough for Randstad to adopt a truly omnichannel marketing and communication strategy. Get rid of the yellowed A-4 in the shop window.


A totally new refreshed location concept with some very important digital (marketing) resources; ZetaDisplay implements and manages these resources for Randstad and has designed and implemented the content strategy.

ZetaDisplay realized several screens in the shop windows for each location, informing passers-by about the current vacancy offer from Randstad. ZetaDisplay built a link and technology for this so that the regionally relevant jobs are automatically included in all messages. For example, the vacancies of top employers and the most interesting jobs within 10 kilometers of the location are always up to date.
Content management is thus largely automated, so that the employees of the branches have as much time as possible for their core tasks.

Inside the branches a beautiful video wall for branding, and interactive screens where you can register, test or search for specific vacancies directly.

With ZetaDisplay, Randstad has consciously chosen as a professional partner in the field of screen communication. It recognizes that both the content offered, and the stability of the solutions are essential for a successful omnichannel concept. And that includes specific expertise; whether it concerns the roll-out ambition (140 locations), the integration of the solutions in the wireless infrastructure at the locations or the creation of a clear content vision on the communication channels. ZetaDisplay fills in the entire service and in this way relieves Randstad’s IT and Marketing communication departments to the maximum.


The use of such modern tools means not only lowers the boundary between the applicant and the available information and knowledge, but also leads to a more modern look and the online channels are now also available! Worthy of a market leader.

A playlist that is generated for 95% automatically. Even local offers. All relevant, local and up-to-date content placed without additional actions by the intermediaries. With much more impact than before. The visibility of the office increases and the messages from Randstad really hit home.

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