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Banking & Finance

Digital Signage is a platform that communicates with customers while they wait. It informs about products and services – and builds brand. Secure and reliable systems are essential in the Banking & Finance industry.

Customer satisfaction in the finance sector

  • Helps customers to make informed decisions.
  • Increases product awareness which prepares the customer while waiting.
  • Builds and enhances a desired atmosphere using live rate changes and news.
  • Converts queue waiting time to value time.
  • Promotes higher margin products or services.
  • Customises different offers by choosing a target group or a specific time of day.


The waiting time at the banking retail outlet as well as the plethora of available financial services.


Secure and reliable systems and their integration are essential, even more so in the Banking & Finance industry.


A well-balanced playlist contributes to building the brand whilst at the same time informing the customers about products and services. As a bonus this has a positive effect on the perceived waiting time.

De Volksbank

Supporting a new way of working with Digital Signage

In the bank’s office environment, the radically changed new work process had to be supported and facilitated. Own workstations or rooms disappeared, but still people have to meet and collaborate in a planned manner. The narrowcasting channel creates a glue in the organization, combining relevant local and global contents.