Reluctant to touch surfaces?


ProntoTV’s group head office announced a new partnership between mother company ZetaDisplay and Irish company Kastus® to provide its patented antimicrobial surface-coating technology .

The new technology developed by Kastus® is soon to be integrated into the ZetaDisplay product portfolio. It has proven to be effective against surface bacteria on treated surfaces and can be applied to touchscreens and displays where multiple users will be sharing screens. Independent studies have shown that up to 99.99 per cent of surface bacteria and fungi including antibiotic-resistant superbugs such as MRSA and E. coli were blocked.

Chief Commercial Officer of ZetaDisplay Laila Hede Jensen explains: “We are beginning to deploy solutions globally which are enabling retailers, offices and other shared spaces to mitigate risk for the teams and customers using them. A big area of concern are touchscreens and how they are better protected against transmitting surface bacteria. This new partnership enables us to retrospectively fit existing touchscreens and produce new displays which offer peace of mind for the user and the business.”

“It has never been more critical to deploy intelligent signage solutions with the right software to enable rapid communication of vital messaging. This new solution is part of a portfolio we are working on with our clients worldwide to deliver solutions to queue management, maintaining social distances and limiting interactions in all public environments. This new touchscreen surface is rapid to deploy on a mass scale.”

John Browne, chief executive of Kastus comments: “Antimicrobial coatings are vital right now for giving consumers a higher level of safety in shared touchscreen and display environments. When Kastus is applied with ZetaDisplay’s signage and software platforms, client businesses will be able to communicate that terminals have enhanced protection. We are excited to launch our new partnership with ZetaDisplay as we continue our global strategy to make our technology widely available in restaurants, shopping centres and airports, as well as public, domestic and corporate spaces.”

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About ProntoTV

ProntoTV is the Norwegian office of the ZetaDisplay group. ZetaDisplay is the second largest digital signage company in Europe, and the largest in Norway. We contribute to nudging peoples’ behaviour at the point-of-decision in retail environments, public spaces and workplace environments. Our solutions are known as Digital Signage that we develop and offer as SaaS-solutions. We are a European leader and intend to drive the further consolidation of the market organically and through acquisitions.

ZetaDisplay group generates revenues of MSEK 436 and employs 160 staff at nine offices in six European countries. In total, the company handles 50,000 installations on 50 markets. The share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm [ZETA].

About Kastus

Founded in 2014, Kastus is an award-winning Irish nano-technology company that offers a patented range of antimicrobial coatings designed to protect glass, ceramic and metal surfaces from harmful bacteria through the lifetime of the product. The technology has a far-reaching impact across a wide range of consumer brands and industries and can be applied across everything from smartphones and touchscreen kiosks to screen protectors and ceramic tiles.

While the Kastus coating is primarily designed for use on new products, companies can retrospectively add screen protectors with the coating applied to help provide enhanced protection, meaning it could soon be widely available across products such as touchscreen kiosks in restaurants, shopping centres and airports. To find out more about Kastus visit